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Check out our NXPT Challenge Premium 10 Meals Lean Plan with more of your favorite healthy meals.

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NXPTs Challange is back and we are excited to be apart of this challenge as your meal prep provider, we prepare fresh healthy meals that will bring the results you are working towards! The 10 meal Lean Plan is specifically designed for someone looking for a lower protein diet. Ideal for
athletes and active individuals. Our chefs will build meals with 6 oz of protein paired with 1/2 cup of smart-carbs and 1/2 cup fresh,
organic vegetables. The variety will keep you engaged and prevent you from getting burned out from repeating the same
meals. Each meal consists of 450-550 Calories. Our Menu changes on a weekly basis. You will receive a variety of these four menu items to equal 10 meals.

Purchase this challenge and receive 6 weeks of meals for the price of 5 weeks, One Week Free a savings of $120-$135! We also offer free delivery to NXPT as a pick-up location. No other promo code applies to this special. Must be a consecutive 5 weeks of order to receive your 6th week free. However,  NXPT15 applies to all other meal plans and our build your own menu.


French onion soup burger

Ground rib eye steak burger, brûlée’d Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, house potato bun, seasonal vegetables, garlic aioli

Roasted pork tenderloin topped with apple chutney over sweet potato and kale hash

Pan-seared salmon over braised lentils

Grilled jerk chicken served over Jamaican rice and beans, charred corn salsa


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