10 Meals Keto Plan

$135.00 / week

Check out our Premium 10 Meals Keto Plan with more of your favorite protein.

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A weekly meal plan, chef’s whim, pre-chosen by our chefs and nutritionist for your optimal health goals. Our 10 KETO Plan is made for those who are looking to drop fat quickly by consuming more quality fats and fewer carbs with zero added sugars. Each meal consists of 6 oz of high-quality proteins, essential fats, less than 10 grams total carbs per meal, and fresh, organic vegetables giving each meal just the right amount of nutrients. All dishes are cooked with organic coconut oil, full-fat oils, and grass-fed butter. The meal combinations are endless and will keep you looking forward to what’s next. Each meal consists of 400-550


Smoked Italian turkey meatballs over creamy cauliflower with roasted peppers, onions, and pesto sauce
Cilantro lime chicken over cauliflower rice topped with corn salsa, side of roasted peppers and homemade salsa
Pan-seared New York steak with almond gnocchi, French green beans, and garlic herb butter
Grilled pork tenderloin over roasted truffle and Parmesan cauliflower and charred broccolini